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CSR Activities Review

Gadre Marine Export Pvt Ltd

Gadre Marine is committed to ensuring the social wellbeing of the Communities at large through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (CSR).
The Company always endeavors to conduct business responsibly and in a socially accountable manner by complying with all applicable laws and upholding ethical business practices by respecting rights of all stakeholders.
The Company shall allocate statutorily required net profits towards CSR activities to sustain and improve environment, promotion of art, science; promotion of education, any kind of Sports activities Rural Development Programme; and such other CSR activities.
The broad areas of the activities which may relate to –

  • Promoting Education, Career Counselling.
  •  Environmental sustainability and ecological balance.
  •  Protection of national heritage and restoration of monuments  .
  • Promotion of art and culture
  • Rural Development, Health and Sanitation.
  • Sports.
  • Reducing Inequalities and Helping needy people of any kinds.

This CSR policy document will be reviewed from time to time and any changes, if necessary, will be approved by the CSR Committee of the Board.

A brief overview of Company’s CSR Activities – FY 2014-15

  • The Company carries on the activities in local areas in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra through “Anubandh” in Education field.
  • The Company undertook “E-learning Project” for R. B. Shrike High School, under Ratnagiri Education Society. The Company has provided the E-learning facilities – Hardware, Software, Other facilities like Boards, Study Materials, and Furniture for Carrying out E Learning. The project was for Rs. 7.21 lacs.
  • The Company supports “Khalvayan” Sanstha in Ratnagiri working towards promotion of Classical music.
  • The Company has made contribution of Rs. 5.00 lacs to Mukhyamantri Svachhata Nidhi, Gujarat.
  • The Company supports a institution “Shri Ganesh Vedpathashala” which carries on rituals and other Vedic educational activities in Devrukh, Ratnagiri.

A brief overview of Company’s CSR Activities – FY 2015-16

  • The Company is managing the social activities in the field of Education and Vocational training to schools students through the entity named “Anubandh
  • The Company undertook “Mosquito Net Distribution Programme” in co-ordination with District Health Department on 19/10/2015 at Chorwad, Gujarat. The programme was very successful and nets were distributed to all the local public for safety of people.
  • The Company supports “Khalvayan” Sanstha in working for promotion of Classical music in vicinity of the area of Ratnagiri.
  • The Company supports a institution “Shri Ganesh Vedpathashala” which carries on rituals and other Vedic educational activities in Devrukh, Ratnagiri.

A brief overview of Company’s CSR Activities – FY 2016-17

  • Sheel School E Learning Project - The Company has provided computer Hardware, BSNL E Learning Software, Civil for modifications in Class Room, Projector and Cabelling. Training to teachers, Activity Based Learning Kits etc
  • Activity of Tree Plantation in MIDC Area - Trees Plantation under plot in MIDC Area. It includes purchase cost of trees, labour charges, diesel charges, White Sheet paper and JCB Charges.
  • Donation towards expanding the river basin at Deorukh "Saptalingi River".
  • CSR One Time Event Sponcership - Temple Renvoation.
  • Chorwad CSR Activity - Donation for promotion of arts for classical dance.
  • Promotion of Clasical music through "Khalvayan Sanstha"- Financial monthly support to the Organization "Khalvayan" .
  • Beach Cleaning Activity - Bhatye Beach cleaning.
  • Donation to Body building Champion- Paid the donation to Mr. Rajendra Bandabe under Ratnagiri District Amateur Body Building Association for Weight Gain plan and participation in competitions.
  • Gav Dattak Yojana, Classical Music programme etc one time donation given.
  • Medical Aid under CSR.
  • Women Empowerment - Chorwad Expenses for "Samuha Vivah".
  • Gadre Foundation contribution (Section 8 Company formed for CSR Activities).
  • Sport Activity - To Ankita Mayekar for Power Lifting.

CSR event gallery

E Learning Facility Programme to Gurukul Ratnagiri Education Society

Mosquito Net Distribution Programme on Dt.19th Oct 2015 (Monday)